State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Saving young families from homelessness

We strive to end the cycle of homelessness for two generations at one time.

Home of Hope at GCS focuses on a huge unmet need in the community by providing a viable solution to the suburban poverty epidemic. Gwinnett County alone has just over 8,000 homeless every night with ONE emergency shelter with 11 beds.

Our program is designed to take homeless children with their young mothers from sleeping in cars and extended stay hotels and get them on a path to independence. First, we give them a safe environment where children are free to be children away from the worry of sleeping in cars or living in overcrowded hotels. Once settled, we work with Mom to develop a customized "life plan" designed to see her through to independence and sustainability.

The $25,000.00 would help us meet an unmet need because we do not have any government funding. We rely solely on the support of our business community, civic communities and religious communities to help us save our children out of homelessness. With your $25,000.00 grant, we can continue to provide a roof over their heads, 3 meals per day and 3 snacks per day. Your support will also help us provide for our Child Advocate, who is the liaison/case worker for each child who lives here at Home of Hope. Her role helps Mom navigate and meet the needs of each child to ensure emotional, physical and educational needs are where they need to be. Your $25,000.00 grant provides ALL these services to 15 families at one time and we do it with community support from wonderful community business partners such as State Farm.

Our lasting impact is measured by saving our children out of the cycle of homelessness. Did you know that saving just one young child out of the cycle, saves us all, over 4 million dollars in the need for social services over that young person's life time? (United Way 2014 statistic). More importantly, we are molding and shaping our future leaders by instilling hope in our youngest guests. We give them a foundation where they can learn that anything they dream, they CAN achieve. These are our future, doctors, fireman, police officers, community leaders. We can do it with YOUR help. We received a note of thanks from a 12 year old girl thanking us for giving her mom and sister a bed to sleep in and food to eat. I can only imagine the IMPACT for her.