State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Kendyl and Friends Playground

Charitable resource for special needs individuals living day to live day to day with disabilities.

Every person deserves an opportunity to participate in recreation and children deserve an opportunity to play alongside their peers. Those that are limited because of a disability need a safe and accommodating place to play and will therefore require specialized equipment that allows those needs to properly be met. Currently, there are an abundance of playgrounds scattered around the state of Kentucky but very few of those playgrounds off the proper surfacing equipment that will accommodate individuals with mobility needs. Often, accessible elements cannot be easily retrofitted or integrated into existing facilities. Kendyl and Friends Foundation provides playgrounds that include fully accessible flooring, inclusive play towers that are accessible via ramps, double-bay wheelchair swings, mirage/inclusive swings, wheelchair accessible merry-go-round, sensory/communication, and other adaptive, ADA, inclusive equipment.

If awarded this grant, Kendyl and Friends Foundation will have the opportunity and the ability to provide fully inclusive, handicap accessible, playground equipment in an area where resources for people with disabilities are scarce. These funds would allow a person who has never experienced a playground, the ability to participate with their peers in a safe environment and one in which is designed to suit their individual needs. Integrated play helps in an abundance of ways: development of fine and gross motor skills, social skills, independence, self-esteem, cerebral functions, physical strength, receptive communication skills, coordination, and balance.

We work to create a better balance of opportunities for ALL persons. Our mission is unique and we have a strong record of dedicated volunteers who provide leadership and financial support to our programs. We are driven by a spirit of collaboration and guided by a result-based framework. We provide better, safer, and more opportunities for ALL PERSONS to make them a part of their community. This grant would allow our foundation the opportunity to provide a safe environment for ALL persons with disabilities. The chance to participate in outdoor play with their peers increases fine/gross motor skills, social skills, independence, self-esteem, cerebral functions, physical strength, receptive communications skills, coordination, and balance. Our playgrounds will last for years to come. It will create a domino effect that encourages citizens in the community to educate themselves of the lack of accessibility regarding playground equipment throughout the state and even throughout the country