State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

The Moses Basket provides support to foster/relative care families in Western Kentucky.

TMB is striving to expand services to include all surrounding counties within Western Kentucky.

On average, the counties of Marshall and McCracken have 300 children in foster or relative care alone. These placements are often last minute and a receiving family may only have hours to prepare for a new member. To compound matters, children often arrive with only the clothes they are wearing in the middle of the night, or a baby will show up with one diaper and bottle.

The Moses Basket strives to provide clothing, gear, and supplies within 48 hours of a new child placement to the receiving family. In addition, every child is given a basket full of age-appropriate items to help ease anxieties associated with relocation.

The family simply logs onto the website (, which is set-up like a free online store. Once all the needed items are added to their cart and checkout complete, a Moses Basket representative receives a copy of the order and initiates the fulfillment process. Requested items and gear are delivered to the family's door often the same day.

Since launching in 2017, TMB has expanded from the pilot areas of Marshall and McCracken to include 4 more counties with plans to launch services in the near future. Though we are thankful for this growth, we still have 7 surrounding counties with approximately 400 children and families we haven't reached that would benefit greatly from our assistance. Social services between each county work hand-in-hand often placing children in neighboring counties to ensure they have a home. They network, pull resources, and work as a team to give these children the best possible care available to them. Our goal is to service all of Western Kentucky, allowing us to cross these boundaries alongside the social workers. Your grant would permit us to supply each of these counties not currently serviced with a starter fund to purchase non-donated items and assist with those that must be purchased new such as personal hygiene items, undergarments, coloring books/crayon, etc. for the children's baskets.

There isn't an adequate way to measure the effect of providing compassion and comfort to a child arriving unexpectedly to a foreign home, devoid of a single personal item. They were surprised to be picked up at school by a social worker and not even allowed to retrieve their favorite bunny or lovie. They have been sitting in an office for hours awaiting a family to accept them. These kids are tired, fearful, and need comfort. TMB intends to ensure that this child is met with a little assurance and kindness; to let them know that their community loves each of them, and EVERY one of them matters. That same child will be met at this unfamiliar home with a new set of pajamas, toothbrush/toothpaste, a soft blanket, a nightlight, books, comfort items, and a bed and linens if needed. Although just one child in the above situation is more than worth it to us, multiply that incalculable effect by 700 kids and that's the potential impact your grant would allow TMB to achieve in our community.