State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Greenspace-Bridges To Nature Project

To implement 3 ADA compliant bridges at our largest community park, Freeman Lake Park.

Our community is near Fort Knox and has thousands of veterans,wounded warriors and others dealing with limited mobility challenges whose outdoor recreational needs often go unmet. The Greenspace Bridges To Nature Project will help make our public park more inclusive and accomodating through universal design by providing three ADA compliant bridges giving ALL AGES and ABILITIES access to our nature trails. These bridges will connect visitors to our newly installed Vietnam veterans memorial wall and tribute park and provided emergency responders access to the nature trail to assist those in need. This funding provides the important piece of matching funds in our collaborative effort with our local travel and convention bureau, the City of Elizabethtown, local businesses and individual donors.These bridges will also provide the infrastructure needed to promote inclusive health and wellness intiatives, additional recreational events, and student centered environmental field trips.

This $25,000.00 grant is the final missing piece to the Greenspace Bridges To Nature Project goal of raising $50,000.00. If awarded Greenspace will match this grant dollar for dollar. More importantly it will serve as the catalyst to bring on board additional 50,000.00 matching funds from our local travel and convention bureau and the City of Elizabethtown. Together with State Farm we can make a long lasting inclusive impact on our public park and our entire community. Together we can better serve the needs of our wounded warriors,veterans, individuals dealing with limited mobility challenges and their families. Together, "like a good neighbor", we will be inspiring and promoting the INCLUSIVE benefits of getting out in nature with friends and family; as well as, promoting community wide health and wellness intiatives and the environmental educational field trip needs of all school ages children including those with special needs.

Each of the three bridges this grant will help fund will be 10 feet wide and 60 feet long concrete based, weather steel framed bridges. These bridges will be built to last for decades. The impact of the bridges will cross generations as they will serve those of all ages and abilities, bringing together friends, families, parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren. Having State Farm as a driving force and critical partner in this project sends a powerful message of what can be accomplished when we work together to bring about positive long lasting change to our communities. These bridges will serve the health and wellness needs,the safety needs,the outdoor recreation needs, the educational needs, and most importantly the ADA compliance needs of accessibility to all who visit Freeman Lake Park. The lasting impact of accessibility and inclusion and quality time between those that are disabled and their loved ones is immeasurable. An equal opportunity last forever.