State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

STEM Robotics for Everyone

The mission is to inspire future STEM students to pursue and develop engineering/math skills.

There is an unmet need in underserved communities for STEM robotics that has been overlooked by many school districts. The following benefits can be achieved by our after-school program:

1. Graduates from the program are 2.6x more likely to enroll in an engineering course in their freshman year of college
2. 87% of students plan to take a more challenging math or science course.
3. 76% of students have reports gains in communication skills.
4. 95% of students have better time management.
5. 93% of students have better conflict resolution.
6. 98% of students have better problem-solving skills.
7. STEM knowledge continues to grow the longer a student stays in the program Impact on girls is significant compared to other STEM programs.

These learned skills have proven to promote interests in the engineering, computer programming, business, CAD, and graphic professions. With today's and future demands in all these professions our program will help our students find future employment.

Limited budgets in schools do not allow the additional funds that are required to purchase equipment or materials for this program. Government data in 2017 has shown that a school's budget must focus on covering a teacher salary and transportation first before any funds are applied to outside curriculum. The $25,000 would help address the unmet need by allowing us to purchase necessary equipment for teaching and supporting an after-school STEM program within our community. We could not make an impact without the funds or improve the mission with expansion possibilities. Necessary equipment to purchase would include; robotic parts, computers, tools for cutting and making custom parts, 3D printer, CAD software, and teaching supplies. We will have the ability to expand in the future to surrounding communities while continuing to build a contagious enthusiasm in the STEM field.

The lasting impact on the community would be immediately felt in all grade levels of students from elementary to high school. All interested students, male or female, especially disadvantaged youth, will be encouraged to participate. The program will be offered in a variety of communities that foster diversity. Currently schools have diminishing funds for their STEM programs. Our program provides a creative environment, immersing students in computer science, design principles, engineering process, trouble shooting, writing, business plan development, graphic design, and public speaking. This all happens in an environment that is uniquely centered around collaboration, cooperation, and gracious professionalism. Students will benefit from this positive learning environment while enhancing their outlook on possible future careers. This program encourages a "pay forward" approach that will help grow and sustain it over the long run.